Speed up your Boot up with Soluto

There are many tools that you can us to trim down the time it takes to boot your Windows machine, including the ever popular system configuration utility (msconfig) built into Windows itself, but if you want more information, and direction as to which programs to disable or you would like to delay the start-up of a program to give the OS a chance to load first, Soluto is a tool worth investigating. Amongst its many features (some of which we may explore in the future) is it main tool, refining your boot process, by first analyzing the time it takes for your system to fully boot, then organizing the list of programs running throughout your boot into categories which makes the process of choosing what to pause, what to delay and what to let start a boot much easier. There are additional features that are included with the beta version of Soluto, which I am currently testing and I will give more in depth feedback once I have had a chance to test some things out. Click here to get more information about this tool.


Creating Bootable USB Flash Drives…Part 1

Today I demonstrated the use of a tool which I use quite regularly to create bootable USB flash-drives from .ISO files, or existing installation media (i.e. CD/DVD disks used to install OSes) called Universal USB Installer, found on the pendirivelinux.com website. While it is primarily used for creating installation media for Linux or persistent Linux installations for various uses, the Universal USB installer has the added benefit of easily creating a bootable Hieren’s Boot cd flash drive, or other valuable utilities that require boot access. This software is capable of creating a windows vista/7 installation flash drive (but we will cover a better method in the future). Click here to read the tutorial for the Universal USB installer, or scroll down to the bottom of that page for the latest version of the software.

Windows Command Line Tips

Part your work as an professional providing desktop or network support, knowledge of the using a command line Interface (CLI) to enter command, move files, use specialized command-line only tool and perform tasks without the need or assistance of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) . In this post we will highlight a few options that can make using the command prompt with in Windows more user friendly. For the full list of 20 tips to get the most out of the Windows command prompt  see the  How To Geek article: 20 of the Best Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of  the windows command line. 

In a future series of posts we will go over in more detail the basic usage of the windows command line, and that will be backed by using more command line based tools to raise your comfort level with the command line.

Easy Software Updates and Installation (ninite.com)

One of the best tools for repetitive installations of commonly used software like internet browsers, anti virus & malware software, internet messaging tools, and more can be found easily using the web-app found on ninite.com. This is a site that I use at least once a week if not more, to create an install a custom set off application as utilities to computer eliminating the need for me to go to numerous websites to download individual installers, and installs the software in to the default location on the system. The installations are run “silently” meaning there are not windows that you will have to click through to install each program separately, instead you download a small executable file (you will need administrator access to properly install the software) which connect to the ninite servers and downloads and then installs the software for you. Ninite. com also will ensure if a program that you have selected is installed that it is up to date, again cutting out some of the time you spend downloading software only to find that your software was up to date.

All of the software on ninite.com is either freeware, FOSS, or FLOSS software as far as I know (if not let me know so I can update this post), and the selection of software ranges from the commonly installed browsers like chrome and firefox, all the way to developer tools like python, or the java development kit.
so if you are looking for a way to get that clean OS, loaded with the software you need to be productive easily take a look a ninite.com