Easy Software Updates and Installation (ninite.com)

One of the best tools for repetitive installations of commonly used software like internet browsers, anti virus & malware software, internet messaging tools, and more can be found easily using the web-app found on ninite.com. This is a site that I use at least once a week if not more, to create an install a custom set off application as utilities to computer eliminating the need for me to go to numerous websites to download individual installers, and installs the software in to the default location on the system. The installations are run “silently” meaning there are not windows that you will have to click through to install each program separately, instead you download a small executable file (you will need administrator access to properly install the software) which connect to the ninite servers and downloads and then installs the software for you. Ninite. com also will ensure if a program that you have selected is installed that it is up to date, again cutting out some of the time you spend downloading software only to find that your software was up to date.

All of the software on ninite.com is either freeware, FOSS, or FLOSS software as far as I know (if not let me know so I can update this post), and the selection of software ranges from the commonly installed browsers like chrome and firefox, all the way to developer tools like python, or the java development kit.
so if you are looking for a way to get that clean OS, loaded with the software you need to be productive easily take a look a ninite.com

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