Learning how to Code (Programing)…with codeacademy.com)

There have been a few discussions that we have had regarding the additional skills that we all need as IT Professionals, and one of the areas I think is underrated as a tool in your IT toolbox is a basic understating of programing.

Codeacademy.com is one easy way to get your feet wet with the world of programing.  This site helps you wade into the waters of programing with clearly defined lessons that help you by breaking down tasks and concepts into manageable bites. The thing that makes a codeacademy great is that it exposes you to a number of programing languages and give you  help from the ground floor up to understand how to actually write code in different programing languages which for the purposes here is great… as you would just be looking for some more familiarity and maybe a working knowledge, and not a comprehensive understanding a particular language, where more formal training/study would be warranted.


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