Must Have Sites, Tools and Applications (Part 1)

I know that I drop a lot of links and information on a wide variety of  topics in the IT/IS space on a day to day basis but I do not always  place all of this information in an easily digestible  format for later use. This really was the genesis of this blog  but even here I have fallen a bit behind in breaking down topics and tools in a more effective manner To rectify this rather then set up posts for things I reference often, I am creating a single post with links to websites, tools and applications that I use consistently

  • Evernote ( the best tool for sorting text information and/or organizing  thoughts, Has a client for almost any platform, and is especially useful if coupled with a smartphone or mobile device)
  • (tech site focused on real world functionality and productivity ***not actually about hacking***)
  • Hiren’s Boot CD or Ultimate Boot CD (collection of low level tools for booting and or repairing a computer)
  • LastPass (The best ubiquitous cross platform password manager)
  • Security Now Podcast (a great podcast from the network which focuses on information security news and information)
  • This Week In Tech (weekly podcast on technology and IT issues)
  • TrueCrypt ( Free open source disk and file encryption that provides amazing data security for all but the most discriminating users )
  • Dropbox (the most popular, extensible cloud storage solution)
  • (easy windows application installation) click here for a single ninite download with the software that I use on almost every PC use daily.

The whole point of this blog is to foster conversation and provide information that you can use now, so Comment on anything you beneficial. There will be a part 2 to this post as some point but I wanted everyone to have starting point when using this blog.