Must Have Sites, Tools and Applications (Part 2)

Here is the continuation of “Must have Sites, Tools and Applications” as Promised. There is likely to be more of these and possibly a list of links in this blog as well so stay tuned

  •  (a great site that hosts a number of  commonly used applications in a portable form ***more about this during the next IT workshop***)
  • ( this site has a number of tools we  will be using to create bootable USB flash Drive  as part of IT toolkit)
  • Sypderoak (my preferred “secure” cloud storage solution)
  • Ccleaner (and ccleaner enhancer are solid windows system optimization tools  that can help you clear out the “stuff” that accumulates in windows systems over time)
  • Defragler ( a very good tool for defragmenting hard drives)
  • Recuva (a Simple tool to do powerful file recovery and ” un-delets” of files in windows)
  • Eraser (a Windows based tool that allows you to shred data  an make it very difficult to recover…***p.s. linux can do this naively from the CLI hence the lack of specific Linux tools  )

The whole point of this blog is to foster conversation and provide information that you can use now, so Comment on anything you beneficial. There will be a part 2 to this post as some point but I wanted everyone to have starting point when using this blog.

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