Google Drive Now More Tightly Integrated Into Gmail: Lets You Share Files Up 10 GB

One of the main reasons i prefer gmail as my free email account of choice is the improving functionality Google seems to roll out consistently. This expansion of Google drive into gmail is one example, and while I am fairly certain that this will have very limited impact security wise, there should always be a concern when joining an email communication tool like gmail with a cloud storage solution like Google Drive, though the increased potential risks far outstripped by the potential gains.


The network is slow: The secret to diagnosing that oh-so common complaint

The network is slow: The secret to diagnosing that oh-so common complaint

This is a link to a exceptional article on the Spiceworks Blog  which outlines a troubleshooting process for network performance issues. The reason it caught my eye is that the troubleshooting process  so simple and well formed that it applies to almost any situation where a network administrator would hear that the internet is slow from a client user.  This is a must read article as it provides basis for a relativity unobtrusive method for working through networking issues, where the use of tools like Netalyzr or other bandwidth analysis tools will have impact on performance if only for a few minutes during the actual testing.

This also gives me the opportunity to highlight  The Spiceworks Blog as another resource for you as an IT administrator.