Understanding a browser’s crypto preferences

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Popular Secret Sharing App, now Available on Android.

Popular Secret Sharing App, now Available on Android.

A popular app whicvh you may have heard of before, Wisper, which has been available for some time on iOS, is now available over in the Google Play Store.

Now With More Than 1.5B Page Views A Month, Secret Sharing App Whisper Launches On Android | TechCrunch.

How to check and configure your browser plugins

Many of the more recent blog posts have dealt with the issue of Java and its various vulnerabilities, I wanted to offer a method to ensure that if you are in a situation where you need Java to run an local application on your machine that you could do everything you could to prevent a potential breach in security. To that end I found a great techrepublic article on configuring  browser plugins, which will help you reduce the potential impact of having the Java Runtime on your machines. While I still recommend removing Java  from your system until we some significant  improvement in Java Security, disabling Java in the Browser, can go a long way to protecting yourself  from a widely known and exploited problem. [How to check and configure your browser plugins](http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/security/how-to-check-and-configure-your-browser-plugins/9156)