Learn How to Securely Delete Files in Windows



“When you delete a file in Windows, only the reference to the file is removed from the file system table. The file still exists on disk until other data overwrites it, leaving it vulnerable to recovery.” How to Geek highlights methods that you can use completely delete files from your Windows Computer.

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How to Migrate to a Solid-State Drive Without Reinstalling Windows [UPDATED]

“Installing a solid-state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make to your computer, but migrating your Windows installation to a small drive can be tricky, because your data won’t necessarily all fit on the drive. Here’s how to install an SSD without reinstalling Windows from scratch.”

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How to Create a Test Lab So That You Can Follow the Geek School (Without Breaking Your PC)

Here is a Link to a great How to Geek  article on setting up your own testing lab for software, operating systems and even network configurations.  There are a lot of different configurations that you can run based ont he hardware you have available to you but the article sets out a very flexible, scalable environment to “play” in (thought my recommendation is that you limit yourself to running only  one or two VMs at a time unless you have  the ram and processing speed to spare.

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