Native VHD Boot is available in all versions of Windows 7

As part of clearing a backlog with the blog, I am getting to answer as many questions, and respond as many of your questions in detail as possible. This question came from a former student, and was echoed by some of OSC’s current IT studnet body reguarding the capabilies of the different versions of Windows 7. At issue was the question ” is Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 7 Enterprise the only edition that can natively boot from a VHD.   I found a Post on ( a good site for IT leaders and learners alike)  that references this issue and provides some guidence as to how the Native VHD Boot is handled by  Windows 7 in general.

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From How to Geek: How PowerShell Differs From the Windows Command Prompt

“You may have noticed a new command-line environment in Windows since Windows 7 — PowerShell. PowerShell is a much more powerful command-line shell and scripting language than the Command Prompt is, giving Windows system administrators a useful command-line environment.”

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New (and Removed) Commands in Windows 8

As  we all know Windows 8 comes with its own set of  advancements in the areas of security and interface.  A  lesser known or publiced part of a new Windows OS is the new  and updated set of command line tools user will have access to. gives us a guide to a number of the changes to the Windows 8  command line, and points to some of the new tools that we have at our disposal.  ”

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