7 Ways to Secure Your Web Browser Against Attacks


I am Always interested in providing students and clients hints and tools and  procedures to get the most out of their computers and their applications. To that end I came across an article over at howtogeek.com covering some simple things that we can all do to improve the security of our web browsers, things that I am incorporating into my own machines setup now. 7 Ways to Secure Your Web Browser Against Attacks


Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Cloud Developer

In an article Posed on lifehacker.com, writter Andy Orin  shares with us a profile of a Cloud Developer, The preface of which is contained below. I think this is an interesting profile of an individual IT Professional, but also highlights the growth of the field of IT and how one might navigate its ebbs and flows.

The “cloud” is a common computing buzzword with multiple uses; you might store your music in the cloud, or perhaps host a website. But that doesn’t mean there’s one server hosting your site—rather, the individual servers of yore are being replaced with virtualized machines. It’s the cloud.

Click here to see the Full Article on Lifehacker.com 

How Windows 8.1 Integrates SkyDrive Everywhere

One of the biggest changes in Windows 8.1 is SkyDrive integration. In Windows 8, SkyDrive was available as a Modern app and a desktop app that you could install. In Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is integrated at the system level. SkyDrive integration doesn’t just apply to Modern apps.


Terminology Page

So I know updates to the Blog have been few and far between, but I hope to add more content regularly to the Blog going forward. Proof of this effort can be seen in the new Terminology page, on the blog which will form the basis for a more complete reference tool that is in the works. For now Expect me to update select terms with  brief descriptions and references to more complete sources. The idea here is not to house all that information in this blog, but to link viewers with solid reference to facility further study.